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10 Sails – Cayman Islands Rum

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10 Sails / Label Details

• 360 wrap around label
• Eements on the front interact with the elements on the back
• The label portrays a vision of the actual historical event
• All the elements are hand-drawn

Scene: Seamen brave stormy seas to rescue passengers from sinking ships. Scene reflects the year 1794.

Story: In A convoy of ten ships ran around on the reef and were wrecked, damaged beyond any use. Local residents braved the stormy seas to rescue all the passengers of the ten ships. Most of the passengers were saved but a few souls were lost.

Wreck of the Ten Sail is a historic shipwreck event that occurred off the East End of Grand Cayman Island on February 8, 1794. Ten ships that were part of a convoy on its way from Jamaica to the United States and Britain wrecked on the surrounding reef. While local residents braved the stormy waters and successfully rescued the ships’ crew and passengers, eight from the convoy did not survive.

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The Story on the back of the bottle:

On February 8, 1794, a convoy of ten merchant vessels carrying rum, cotton and wood ran aground off the coast of East End, Grand Cayman.

Born seamen, the brave people of these Islands risked life and limb to rescue the unfortunate crew and passengers from the stormy waters. As legend has it, included among those rescued was a Royal Prince, son to King George the Third of England.

As reward for their exceptional bravery and boldness, the King decreed that the people of the Cayman Islands would forever thereafter be free from war conscription and taxes.
We at the 10 Sails Rum Company celebrate the bravery of our forefathers with this handcrafted rum. Crafted locally using only premium ingredients and distilled by hand in small batches, we are proud to offer you our boldest white rum.

Bold rum for bold people.

Designed by: Ana PopovaDen Yegorov, Spain.


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