Absinthe Bottles

Absinthe Bottles

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Audience In media and history alike, absinthe is almost always portrayed as a mysterious, and mind altering drink. As such, the audience will consist of the curious, looking for a new experience, who may have perhaps heard about absinthe and its effects through art history and its references to numerous artists and writers partaking of the drink.

Challenge & Solution Absinthe is a more expensive drink, and not as common a purchase as other, more familiar spirits such as vodka, gin, run and whiskey. Therefore, the packaging must stand out on the shelves, and arouse the curiosity of the viewer. The black and white illustrations do not shy away from the mysterious, they embrace it, and entice the adventurous to experiment.

Designed by: Maryanne McFarlane, Canada.


Absinthe Bottles

Absinthe Bottles2

Absinthe Bottles3

Absinthe Bottles4




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