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Liquid resulting from the vapors of distillation to which the ancient alchemists called spirit. Because once the alcohol that ascends like vapor evaporates, the image that is generated simulates the spirit separating from the body and ascending to new heights. We set out from here to generate this work that is composed by two pieces named Alma Negra (Black Soul). The soul, the matter, the non-material and invisible entity that living beings poses. The soul as that which forges our identity. It also functions when we are speaking of the principal of rationality and the principal that gives identity to each one of the existing beings. In this piece there is a duality represented. The soul, representing the non-material matter that possesses living beings in invisible, and the color black, representing the visible and material part. Alma Negra represents the duality of humans. Human beings are holistic, in them we can find a complete everything, like the universe, it is composed by spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects. Balance in all aspects and planes of the human being is important, without it nothing can be done; without it bliss is impossible. Balance is the instrument of human imperfection. Through this project we intend to introduce this agave distillate that is the Raicilla, so that in this way we can impulse its sale inside of a national market.

Designed by: HI ESTUDIO, Mexico.












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