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Aloe Valley Drinks

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Aloe Valley Drinks
Branding & Packaging

Aloe Valley health drinks contain natural Aloe Vera crush, juice and pulp which is extracted from organically cultivated Aloe Vera plants. The product line was launched as a premium range into the health drink market, with a variety of flavours, including two sugarless drinks, which are Diabetic friendly. The ultimate goal being the creation of a light-hearted company that has only the best in mind for its clients. The ultimate goal being the creation of a lighthearted company that has only the best in mind for its clients. The benefits of Aloe Vera seem endless, attesting to its ability to help you maintain youthful beauty and a healthy glow, sounds good, right?

To conclude the product design, Burg Design’s aim was to add attention to the natural aspect of the drink, focusing on a premium look and feel for the product. The brand is amicable, simple, maintaining a crisp white balance with an added vibrant colour scheme, that complements the various fruit flavours and adds a refreshing essence to the design which pay tribute to the product with it’s engaging presentation.

Designed by: Burg DesignTersia Verwey, South Africa.


Aloe Valley Drinks

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