Aqua Carpatica

Aqua Carpatica

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Aqua Carpatica is a brand of naturally sparkling mineral water originating from the Carpathian Mountains. Its pristine source delivers probably the purest drinking water in the world.

The creation of a unique and exclusive bottle for a top premium product, that would ultimately compete with such brands as: Bling, Ogo, Voss, Ty Nant. Designated for HORECA distribution only. Sustainability and recycling are very important issues.

Ultimately pure water needs a packaging, that doesn’t hide the product inside, but shows it off outside, expressing its top quality. To achieve that, I had to obliterate the boundary between packaging and its content.

It took me some time to find an austere, unpretentious shape of the bottle I was looking for. Nonetheless, it was clear to me from the very beginning that I need to show some rythm on it. Something reflecting the nature of water, like ripples appearing on a surface of a lake in a rainy day.

Designed by: Marek Jagusiak, Poland.

Marek Jagusiak – design / art directing
Krzysztof Szromek – 3D rendering


Aqua Carpatica

Aqua Carpatica2

Aqua Carpatica3

Aqua Carpatica4

Aqua Carpatica5

Aqua Carpatica8

Aqua Carpatica9

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