Bacardi Original : YCN Winning Entry 2013

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This is a winning submission for the 2013 YCN brief for Bacardi. Promote Bacardi to 18-24 year old males in a bar environment by creating a concept for a new drink and / or advertisment campaign. I chose to create Bacardi Original, a spiced rum, which has been created from secret traditional recipes. The branding of the product is very much taken from the history and heritage of the company and this is shown through visuals, products and packaging.

Both the bottle and the wooden crate idea has been directly influenced by some of the original packaging that was used to host bottles on across seas journeys. The idea of bringing cuba across to England through the heritage of Ron Bacardi and the company is something that was important to get across to a young male audience, in a contemporary, up-to-date fashion. The mason jars and other items were used to add a new experience to drinking in a bar environment that would appeal to young males who are looking to show off their peacock feathers.

Bacardi Original. Heritage, in a bottle is the tagline attached to the product. This directly links the history of brand whilst also adding trust and a touch of luxury to the new beverage. I wanted to get across that this is a traditional recipe both through the product itself, the packaging and promotional material. This is why the deep colours and vintage photography have been applied to give a ‘modern-vintage’ appeal.

Designed by: Sam Lane, United Kingdom.


Bacardi Original

Bacardi Original2

Bacardi Original3

Bacardi Original4

Bacardi Original5

Bacardi Original6

Bacardi Original7

Bacardi Original8

Bacardi Original9

Bacardi Original10

Bacardi Original11

Bacardi Original12

Bacardi Original13

Bacardi Original15

Bacardi Original16

Bacardi Original17

Bacardi Original19

Bacardi Original20

Bacardi Original21

Bacardi Original22

Bacardi Original23

Bacardi Original24

Bacardi Original25

Bacardi Original26

Bacardi Original27

Bacardi Original28

Bacardi Original29

Bacardi Original30

Bacardi Original31

Bacardi Original32

Bacardi Original33

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