The Badenoch Whisky

The Badenoch Whisky

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The Badenoch is a whisky made near Lochindorb in Speyside Scotland. The Brand of the whisky is based on the story of Earl Alexander Stewart who was known as the Wolf of Badenoch. 

According to legend the wolf sold his soul to the devil in exchange for unopposed power. When the devil came to take his soul, The Wolf challenged him to a game of chess, which he lost.

The drink is about giving into your desires and temptations, and daring to indulge.

Designed by: Alex Nicholson, United Kingdom.


The Badenoch Whisky

The Badenoch Whisky2

The Badenoch Whisky3

The Badenoch Whisky4

The Badenoch Whisky5

The Badenoch Whisky6



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