Beards of London

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Designed by: Cre8tive Pixels, United Kingdom.

“We developed the brand identity & packaging for Beards of London, a male grooming line that marries luxury with masculinity. A premium organic oil, enriched with natural ingredients, created for the basic care of hair and beards. The elaborate hand drawn illustration contrasts with the brand logo creating a mixture of modern and vintage. The gold print on the matt finished bottle is designed to capture that premium feel. Designed to feel sophisticated, luxurious and indulgent for the impeccably stylish modern man.”


Beards of London1

Beards of London2

Beards of London3

Beards of London4

Beards of London5

Beards of London6

Beards of London7

Beards of London8

Beards of London9

Beards of London9.jpg5

Beards of London10

Beards of London11

Beards of London12

Beards of London13

Beards of London14

Beards of London15

Beards of London16

Beards of London17

Beards of London18

Beards of London19



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