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Trusted self-care brand Bicentury brings women of all ages a wide range of top-quality snacks and meal substitutes that help them to lose weight and to stay in shape. We built a powerful, consolidated brand architecture for all Bicentury products within the brand’s two core categories: weight loss and weight maintenance. Our design revolution includes iconic graphics to highlight range and flavour, bringing greater cohesion and coherence to the brand. A vibrant colour palette of turquoise, magenta and silver reflects modernity and positivity, while the visual presence of celebrity chef and brand ambassador, Jordi Cruz, add credibility, transparency and personality. A unified, empathic global identity for a pioneering brand that understands what consumers want.

Designed by: Morillas, Spain.


Sustituye barrita choco blanco

Sustituye barrita choco leche

Sustituye barrita choco negro

Sustituye pierde peso








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