Black Diamond Essentials

Black Diamond Essentials

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Black Diamond Essentials produces an activated charcoal bar soap with natural, easy to understand ingredients–redefining what’s applied to your skin. Granted with the opportunity to brand this company and continue providing an art direction, I was inspired by the high standards of the company, as well as the natural beauty found in the process of washing. The background was created by photographing the process of mixing black and white paint with water (photos courtesy of Kayla McElligott). The icon is a partial diamond; both highlighting the impurities which are washed away when using the product, while providing an appealing, clean, and modern style.

Designed by: Rachael Studebaker, USA.


Black Diamond Essentials

Black Diamond Essentials 3

Black Diamond Essentials 4

Black Diamond Essentials 5

Black Diamond Essentials 6





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