Blue Whale

Blue Whale

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Designed by: Maddy Russell, United Kingdom.

This was a project done whilst on a placement for a packaging concept for ‘Blue Whale,’ a strong porter beer.
Porter beer originates from early 18th century London amongst the working classes. This is also where the drink gets its name as it was popular among London’s river and market porters. The design has been inspired by the rich history of this beer. This beer aims to bring what was once a victorian working class beer into the modern premium beer market.

‘The people’s porter’


Blue Whale

Blue Whale2

Blue Whale3

Blue Whale4

Blue Whale5

Blue Whale6

Blue Whale7

Blue Whale8

Blue Whale9

Blue Whale10

Blue Whale11

Blue Whale12

Blue Whale13

Blue Whale14

Blue Whale15

Blue Whale16

Blue Whale17

Blue Whale18

Blue Whale19

Blue Whale20

Blue Whale21

Blue Whale23

Blue Whale24

Blue Whale25

Blue Whale26

Blue Whale27




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