Cafe Baraco

Cafe Baraco Brand and Packaging

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Cafe Baraco
This is a branding project i did for my Colour in Context course in university. Cafe Baraco is a brand for the indigenous coffee found in the Philippines known as Barako. Barako is a rare and exotic coffee grown locally in the province of Batangas and is known for its particularly strong taste, powerful body, and a distinctly pungent aroma. The term means ‘Wild Boar’ and is also used to associate with the image of a tough man. The focus of the brand is to evoke the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines as reflected by the bold and vibrant selection of colours.

Designed by: Aira Pimping, Australia.


Cafe Baraco

Cafe Baraco2

Cafe Baraco3

Cafe Baraco4

Cafe Baraco5




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