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Capitol Hill Candle Company Branding

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Capitol Hill Candle Company is dedicated to using natural, local, hand-poured supplies, using only soy wax and high quality essential oils and fragrances. Our philosophy is to use fewer, naturally-sourced quality ingredients that capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

Founder Jeremie Berg started the company after many years of creating candles and bath & body gifts for family and friends. He learned the art of candle making from his inspiring grandmother Celia Espepeold, who sold candles from her front porch to all her friends and neighbors and whose candles still light many homes with joy and fill them with fragrances of pine, cut grass and essential oils.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of every candle goes directly to the IslandWood organization, in honor of Jeremie’s brother Joel, an outdoorsman who appreciated the beauty of nature and is the inspiration for the logo and creative aesthetic of our company.

Designed by: Clara Jauquet, USA.


Capitol Hill Candle

Capitol Hill Candle2

Capitol Hill Candle3

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Capitol Hill Candle5

Capitol Hill Candle6

Capitol Hill Candle7

Capitol Hill Candle8

Capitol Hill Candle9

Capitol Hill Candle10

Capitol Hill Candle11

Capitol Hill Candle12

Capitol Hill Candle13

Capitol Hill Candle14

Capitol Hill Candle15

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