Carlsberg EXPØRT Rebrand

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Designed by: Steven Yendole, United Kingdom.

Carlsberg Export was suffering from an identity crisis. It had become increasingly isolated from its Danish roots and was struggling to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds. The task was to premiumise Carlsberg Export by creating a unique identity building upon their Danish provenance to provide a more meaningful connection with consumers. Denmark – it’s the home of Carlsberg and ‘hygge’; which is essentially a Nordic ideology that believes in the power of simple things to evoke a feeling of happiness. Carlsberg’s country of birth was the ideal inspiration for a meaningful new positioning. Effortlessly stylish and refreshingly modern, it’s a system that blends Danish design with premium beer cues: credible and crafted, simple and powerful, warm and cool.



Carlsberg EXPØRT Rebrand1

Carlsberg EXPØRT Rebrand2

Carlsberg EXPØRT Rebrand3

Carlsberg EXPØRT Rebrand4

Carlsberg EXPØRT Rebrand5





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