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Designed by: Melissa Hill, Australia.


A tasty treat…

With Village Cinemas’ gourmet popcorn brand, Chef’s Gourmet, being well-established since its initial launch, the client sought to change the format of its presentation to open up retail opportunities outside of the cinema environment.

We created a practical and appealing design for their zip-lock pouches that took into account the natural settling of the product towards the bottom of the packaging. The strength of the overall brand identity was maintained, while making sure that it was clear which flavour popcorn was in each package. This method of featuring the ingredients that make up each product tells the brand’s story of a locally made product using real ingredients rather than artificial flavours. It also makes it easy to design packaging for new flavours as they are added into the product line.

If you’re interested to see the birth of this brand, take a look here.



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