Chunliang Orchard

Chunliang Orchard

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It’s a suite of fruit beverage packaging design.

There are five flavors: peach, orange, pear, apple and grape. It’s different to traditional design method that take picture of fruits firstly and then retreatment, thus to stand up the natural ingredients of the beverage, but we adopt the advantage of gouache. The model of the fruit is sketched and delicate gouache paint is applied to highlight the purity of the fruits. This casual and light hand-drawn style gives the product a unique feel and evokes delightful emotions. Sharp color contrasts make the different flavors instantly recognizable. The product allows consumers to have more aesthetic choices and makes their lives more colorful.

Designed by: xiongbo Deng, China.


Chunliang Orchard

Chunliang Orchard2

Chunliang Orchard3

Chunliang Orchard4

Chunliang Orchard5

Chunliang Orchard6

Chunliang Orchard7




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