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Coco Fiori “Share Collection”

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The challenge was to create an exclusive collection for local leader brand in premium flower brand Coco Fiori. The idea came exactly from exclusivity of this product. It is a big bouquet of flower, which You can share into parts and to present a peace of beauty to the people You love. Share beauty with Share Collection became the slogan of promo campaign, which exactly describes the idea of this packaging.

Designed by: Backbone Branding, Armenia.


Coco Fiori

Coco Fiori2

Coco Fiori3

Coco Fiori4

Coco Fiori5

Coco Fiori6

Coco Fiori7

Coco Fiori8

Coco Fiori9

Coco Fiori10

Coco Fiori11

Coco Fiori12

Coco Fiori13

Coco Fiori14

Coco Fiori15

Coco Fiori16

Coco Fiori17

Coco Fiori18

Coco Fiori19

Coco Fiori20

Coco Fiori21

Coco Fiori22

Coco Fiori23

Coco Fiori24


Coco Fiori25

Coco Fiori26

Coco Fiori27

Coco Fiori28

Coco Fiori29

Coco Fiori30





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