Crystal Stag

‘Crystal Stag’ gin

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Brief: Our client, who is yet to be named, had requested for me to create a complete brand/corporate identity for their new gin distillery that’s set to open in aberdeenshire. They want a brand that’s unique yet sophisticated and that’ll stand out on the shelves against other gin competitors. Also to catch the attention of gin lovers. Avoiding any scottish cliches or any obvious Scottish themes was a key point they made to me.

Alongside this, I have been asked to create and design a company logo and tagline, 70cl label design, packaging and labels for 20cl bottles and finally a promotional item which is going to be a recipe card. I choose this promotional item because I did some market research and handed out a survey to the public, majority of responses stated that people mostly drank gin with cocktails. Making a recipe card the perfect promotional item.

I came up with the name ‘Crystal Stag’ because I researched all elements of Scotland and wanted to prove that you can use something Scottish and for it not to be cliche. Crystal because it emphasises how clear and oure the gins appearance will be. ‘Stag’ because the stance and apprearance of a stag is strong and bold, this will describe the gins taste.

Designed by: hollie bruce, United Kingdom.


Crystal Stag

Crystal Stag2

Crystal Stag3

Crystal Stag4

Crystal Stag5

Crystal Stag6

Crystal Stag7

Crystal Stag8

Crystal Stag9

Crystal Stag10

Crystal Stag11





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