Custom Walnut Whip

Custom Walnut Whip

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Here is my Starpack Entry for the Nestlé and GF Smith packaging competition 2016. The brief was to redesign a Nestlé product of my choice, in which I decided on the ‘Nestlé’ Walnut Whip, as I felt the current packaging looked cheap and out of place amongst other Nestlé products. It was also once a popular childhood treat, but since its consumers have grown up, it’s popularity has slowly deteriorated. This inspired me to create a whole new packaging experience, in which the consumer has full control over the aesthetics of their packaging, encouraging a younger audience to get involved.

Designed by: Ben Dundas-Gray, United Kingdom.


Custom Walnut Whip

Custom Walnut Whip2

Custom Walnut Whip3

Custom Walnut Whip4

Custom Walnut Whip5

Custom Walnut Whip6

Custom Walnut Whip8

Custom Walnut Whip9

Custom Walnut Whip10

Custom Walnut Whip11



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