Eco Packaging For Spices

Eco Packaging For Spices

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Our assignment was to make a packaging for food, we can find on the market, from materials that are environmentally nice. I chose to make a packaging for fresh spices. I used eco degradable paper and eco tape. The paper has holes where we can tear it, so we can wrap around the spice and hook onto. For better hold we can stick the tape on which we handwrite the name of the spice we bought. On the tape there is a geometrical pattern printed, for which the base were leaves of spices (mint, parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, melissa…). With the materials I wanted to show that it is a natural, unaltered, homemade produst (which is ordinary obtained on local farms). With the pattern I wanted to show the urbanity of the city, where the market is situated and we can buy the product.

Designed by Tina Jeler, Slovenia.

Eco Packaging For Spices

Eco Packaging For Spices 2

Eco Packaging For Spices 3

Eco Packaging For Spices 4

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