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Enina Špajza | Home-made Jams and Cookies

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Designed by: Nela Augustic Neonska, Croatia.

A small personal project I started for a friend of mine who loves making jams and baking cookies or cakes and gifting them to her friends and family. I designed the logo along with business cards, jam packaging, cookie wrapping, stickers, badges, etc. The look I aspired to create was a mix of sweet and sophisticated, and I tried to accomplish that by combining soft pastel colors with the more serious black (no pun intended, haha).


Enina Špajza18

Enina Špajza17

Enina Špajza16

Enina Špajza15

Enina Špajza14

Enina Špajza13

Enina Špajza11

Enina Špajza10

Enina Špajza9

Enina Špajza8

Enina Špajza6

Enina Špajza5

Enina Špajza4

Enina Špajza3

Enina Špajza2

Enina Špajza




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