Evian Natural Tea

Evian Natural Tea

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Evian are a well established brand which provides the perfect base for them to launch a completely new product outside the normal channels found in Evian and Danone Group products.
This concept focuses on providing the consumers with the initial push they need to begin a journey towards a healthier, happier lifestyle, which will then hopefully lead onto bigger and better things; otherwise known as the butterfly effect. All the tea leaves used are hand picked in perfect conditions by the fair trade farmers for maximum pleasure; with the 3 selected tea types having huge health benefits for its consumers. It doesn’t stop there, keeping with Evians outstanding environmental campaigns and company ethos, the packaging is 100% recyclable and uses FSC approved materials. 

Designed by: Shivum Sadier, United Kingdom.


Evian Natural Tea

Evian Natural Tea2

Evian Natural Tea3

Evian Natural Tea4

Evian Natural Tea5

Evian Natural Tea6




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