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Desgined by: Liam Browne, United Kingdom.


The brief for this project was to create an Identity and packaging design for a gin called Fala Gin.

It’s a product that comes from Fala Moor, on the Midlothian border of Scotland. Aiming to become a high end gin in the market and take pride in its Scottish history with the product.

I designed the identity of the Fala Gin with respects to Fala moors heritage and aimed to show it throughout the design. Giving a traditional, authentic, home grown aesthetic. With the logo being a map of the Fala Moor region but also softening the map up with rippling shapes, it was to represent the Fala flow loch but it has also given that relaxed feeling of being a distilled product.

I created the identity using Adobe Illustrator, experimenting with multiple stroke weights created with the blend tool. I created my layout for the box, and booklet in Adobe Indesign, printed onto flat unfinished sheets of A3.


Fala Gin

Fala Gin2

Fala Gin3

Fala Gin4

Fala Gin8

Fala Gin9

Fala Gin10

Fala Gin11

Fala Gin12




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