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Fazerina by Fazer

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Designed by: Piëtke VisserKuudes Helsinki & Stockholm,  Finland.


Reviving the grandeur of an icon.

Fazerina is truly iconic among Finnish consumers. It has long traditions dating back to the early 1950s, when Fazer decided to launch its first filled chocolate product. The novelty – an exquisite milk chocolate bar with an orange truffle heart – was named Fazerina.
Ever since, the elegant and sophisticated taste has been present in both festive and everyday moments in Finnish households. We kept on loving Fazerina, decade after decade. But, gradually, the younger generations started losing their connection with the national classic: it simply didn’t excite them any more.

Our objective was to renew the brand in a way that is fresh and contemporary to new target groups but cosy and familiar to the hard-core fans of Fazerina. After all, it was still one of the top sellers on the sweet shelf. The makeover restored the delicate elegance of the brand. The simple yet delicious design is a promise of a high-quality treat that brings a sprinkle of luxury to your day. It is no longer outdated and passive: on the contrary, the edgy approach and the bold use of colour add an urban flair to the Fazerina brand, which is now right up to date but also relevant for generations to come. The look supports the chosen design strategy for Fazer’s confectionary and delivers a strong shelf presence throughout the product family. And the results speak for themselves: sales numbers of all product variants have risen significantly since the launch of the new design.



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Fazerina by Fazer4

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