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FINI – Miraculous forest

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Fini is a family manufacture and pâtisserie famous for its delicious cakes and sweets inspired by the French tradition. The initial idea was to evoke the memories from our childhoods, the memories of vintage 20th century picture books we grew up with.

The characters of animals and plants come from the enchanted forest world. We particularly focused on a minimal visual language, spontaneity in animal drawings and spontaneous handwriting used on the packaging.

The black and white packaging increases contrast and enhances the surprise effect – when you open the box, there is an explosion of colours. The paper craft technique of silk-screen printing and intaglio printing highlights the craft sensibility of the product.

Designed by: Metaklinika design studio, Serbia.



FINI - Miraculous forest1

FINI - Miraculous forest2

FINI - Miraculous forest3

FINI - Miraculous forest4

FINI - Miraculous forest5

FINI - Miraculous forest6

FINI - Miraculous forest8

FINI - Miraculous forest9

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