Forefathers & Folly

Forefathers & Folly

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Forefathers & Folly was created to act as a Thanksgiving meal helper that embodied the harsh climate during the original Thanksgiving, while still maintaining the current trend. The challenge was to create a contemporary design with a hint of tradition and to establish the link between old and new. Each ingredient is fused with liquor and is packaged to resemble coal alluding to both internal and external warmth. Icons were created for consumers to easily tell what is inside each package. Lines were added in the sides and around the text areas to also make it look like a matchbox. The design was printed and ironed-on burlap to add that extra hint of grit and texture.

Designed by: Deborah Falcon,  Canada.


Forefathers & Folly

Forefathers & Folly2

Forefathers & Folly3

Forefathers & Folly4

Forefathers & Folly5


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