Four Paws

Four Paws

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‘Four Paws’ is a new, upmarket brand and, luxury line of haircare products for dogs.

The name, ‘Four Paws’ is a play on the term, ‘for Dogs’, whilst creating a connection with the consumer, further representing the product range and subsequent packaging at hand.

The products themselves are based on organic elements, and are pH adjusted for dogs. Furthermore, they are not tested on animals. The contemporary concept and logo are subtly juxtaposed with the murano hair stock, giving an organic feel to the product.

2 Types of Packaging/8 Products, including:

2-in-1 Skin Soothing Shampoo, Gloss Shine Conditioner, Whitening Shampoo, Detangling Shampoo, Fur Tint, Fur Mask, Bath Salt and Paw Butter.

Designed by: Danielle Muntyan,  United Kingdom.


Four Paws

Four Paws2

Four Paws3

Four Paws4

Four Paws5

Four Paws6

Four Paws7

Four Paws8

Four Paws9

Four Paws10

Four Paws11

Four Paws12

Four Paws13

Four Paws14

Four Paws15

Four Paws16

Four Paws17

Four Paws18

Four Paws19

Four Paws20

Four Paws21



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