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Funky Business® NY’16 Gift

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New year’s gift set for clients and friends of brand agency FUNKY BUSINESS

“Work is a good way to forget about main thing and concentrate on little things. Don’t forget to live, add into business a little bit of Funky!”
Congratulation message carries appeal not to forget that life is a joy. And even in work process must be place for smile and light playful note.

The aim was to congratulate clients and friends of agency, to add in their live part of improvisation and funk, and don’t forget about aesthetic weight of presented souvenir. Additional condition was possibility of constant presence of the gift at client’s table.

As solution of the problem perfect metaphor was fingerboard, which you can get from beautiful and functional packaging and you can play with it at your workplace. Mounts of fingerboard made of neodymium magnets, so it’s possible to quickly and effortlessly pull toy and return back. Packaging made of wood with glass cover, it allows to keep the gift as decoration element of workplace.

Project manager: Ira Safina

Designed by: FUNKY BUSINESS®, Russia.


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