The Gifted Few

The Gifted Few

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The Gifted Few are a UK-based, online retailer of vintage and vintage-style home furnishings. Taking their name from a Charles Eames quote which challenges notions of privilege in design, TGF have a particularly democratic view of design – aligning to Modernist principles.

The brand concept was developed around a visualisation of a shining light. Not only are vintage-style, tungsten light bulbs a core product of the company but the light also acts as a simple metaphor for the brand, leading the way in home styling. A bespoke, logotype was also developed, inspired by typography and lettering found on early 20th Century packaging.

As well as the branding and business stationery, we have also designed a suite of light bulb packaging for the range that The Gifted Few carry and a fully functioning e-commerce website.

Designed by: Wild Ilk Design Studio, United Kingdom.


The Gifted Few

The Gifted Few2

The Gifted Few3

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