Glacier Roasters

Glacier Roasters

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Glacier Roasters | Packaging

Today, the Antarctic waters are under threat. I partnered up with Glacier Coffee Roasters to create a promotional piece to spread out the awareness. For this campaign, I designed a speciality series of Glacier Roaster’s coffee blend. For every bag, they are donating 10% of profit to Antarctic Oceans Alliances to help them ensure that Antarctic Ocean habitats and wildlife are protected from human interference. Each bag has an animal icon that represents habitats that exist in Antarctic Ocean.

Designed by: Mari Eguchi, USA.


Glacier Roasters

Glacier Roasters2

Glacier Roasters3

Glacier Roasters4

Glacier Roasters5

Glacier Roasters6

Glacier Roasters7

Glacier Roasters8

Glacier Roasters9

Glacier Roasters10

Glacier Roasters11




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