GSK Sensodyne

GSK Sensodyne True White 3D Product Visuals

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Bomper were engaged by GlaxoSmithKline to create 3D CGI packshot visuals for the new global launch of the Sensodyne True White packaging. The brief was to create photorealistic packshots that would show all of the intricate print finishes of the new packaging. These visuals would help the marketing team sign off the designs and would also be used in various print campaigns. The current designs were first photographed for reference to aid in creating accurate materials and finishes. In addition shots were taken by the design manager for art direction of the final packaging compositions. Accurate packshot visuals are key when designing for new packaging as they can reveal what does and doesn’t work in new formats. The packaging was built in Cinema 4D using the same process as if physically manufactured and folded, which means that the artwork will match and that each layer of print, varnish, foil and debossing aligns. A camera and a studio lighting setup was created to match a high-end photography studio shoot on a reflective surface. The final renders were rendered in V-Ray for Cinema 4D at large formats to accommodate all forms of print, from billboards to the web.

Designed by: Bomper Studio, United Kingdom.


GSK Sensodyne

GSK Sensodyne2

GSK Sensodyne3

GSK Sensodyne4


GSK Sensodyne6

GSK Sensodyne7



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