Hard Candies Packaging Design based on crazy mix of ethnic motives

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For Hard Candies Packaging Design used hand drawn illustrations, which create bright and cheerful image with focus on specially designed characters – colorful monsters based on the mix of ethnic motives, crazy mix of folk images of Latin America and Eastern Europe. It is colored monsters is the central tool for creating an image of childlike fun and colorful product. In the process of creating was developed several embodiments of monsters, and at the stage of final approval was selected the optimal combination of character with bright picture of blackberries and mints. Rich colors on a dark blue background emphasize the unique, artistic expression of design, thus packaging for hard candies created image which is part of the product. For the consumer this product in general becomes unique, juicy and bright. Thus packaging is creating image of the product which reveal and make clear to the consumer qualities which are the main and unique for that product. All design is work on illustration and creates a single impression – bright and unique artistic embodiment of juicy hard candies.

Designed by: P. S. Art Design Studio, Ukraine.
Design and illustrations by: Alexander Stepanets and Victoria Plotnikova










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