Heist & Roth

Heist & Roth

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Heist & Roth is a high-end brand specializing in skin care and beauty products. The brand identity is inspired by a female figure both strong and extroverted while maintaing a very delicate and feminine touch. I was hired to create the brand’s visual assets, including typography, logo, brand symbolism, and the visual mood for future packaging concepts.

The clean and cute face of the logo is complemented by strong typography elements, and the color gamma is inspired by natural skin colors. The illustrations on the packaging are all based on lines and are designed to be very simple, like the face symbol in the logo.

Designed by: Robinsson Cravents, Colombia.


Heist & Roth

Heist & Roth2

Heist & Roth3

Heist & Roth4

Heist & Roth5

Heist & Roth6

Heist & Roth7

Heist & Roth8

Heist & Roth9

Heist & Roth10

Heist & Roth11

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