Hermosa Drive

Hermosa Drive

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Strategy: Reiter Brothers Effects Co. is a boutique electric guitar pedal effects company that I am in partnership with. Our goal is to bring fresh, bold, vintage inspired design to such a saturated niche-market of the music industry. Being mostly a group of sound engineers and music lovers, the actual package designs for guitar pedals are too often bland and subtle. We saw the potential for guitar pedal designs to compare (in a way) to the craft beer market, with extravagant designs, and off-the-wall implementation in order to grab the customers attention.

Implementation: I developed the concept and branding for their first product release of a electric guitar pedal called The Hermosa Drive, as well as strategize the branding and marketing materials from the ground up. This included product design, packaging design, as well as web design and all print collateral. This drive pedal is simple and elegant, but bold, and I wanted the overall mission of the company to be displayed through every aspect of their first product release.

Designed by: Nolan Reiter, USA.


Hermosa Drive








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