Honeymoon Candle

Honeymoon Candle

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Objective: Create cohesive branding design & materials that communicate the high quality, handmade product to consumers.

Working with Samantha Fallon of Honeymoon Candles, was so fun. She had a lot of great ideas for how she wanted to showcase her product, and she was ready to put it all together.

We focused on the key words simple + local + high quality + clean + natural to deliver a new logo and icon set, along with new packaging for her wax melts and candles.

I love that she took the logo icon and made it into a match strike sticker that is placed on each candle.

I can personally vouch for this product and have some of my very own! They smell amazing.

Designed by: Madeline Kleinman, USA.


Honeymoon Candle

Honeymoon Candle2

Honeymoon Candle3

Honeymoon Candle4

Honeymoon Candle5

Honeymoon Candle6

Honeymoon Candle7

Honeymoon Candle8

Honeymoon Candle9

Honeymoon Candle10

Honeymoon Candle11


Honeymoon Candle12

Honeymoon Candle13

Honeymoon Candle14



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