Humble Delicacies

Humble Delicacies

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Humble Delicacies is a packaging and branding project which challenges the conventional methods of protein consumption and manufacture. Australia has typically sourced their protein from livestocks through agricultural farming where animals are locked up in cages of confined spaces, injected with excessive antibiotics, have a high risk of exposure to E Coli and Salmonella and inducing other environmental hazards. Humble Delicacies has found alternative methods to obtain protein from other sources that have a more sustainable output to the earth. These produces are sourced worldwide, allowing the Australian target market to enrich their awareness of cultural diversity whilst doing the environment a favour. These products are packaged as a gourmet food kit mainly targeted for an affluent audience in the mid 20s, possessing quirky personalities with a passion for travelling, cooking and trying out new and exciting things. Each kit contains the core protein ingredient, a condiment, seasoning and a suggested recipe in written and visual form and a brand story to guide the consumer on their new culinary experience. The design graphics and colour are reflective of each cultural background.

Designed by: Jessica Wang, Australia.


Humble Delicacies

Humble Delicacies2

Humble Delicacies3

Humble Delicacies4

Humble Delicacies5





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