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Huracán Hair Dryer

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Designed by: ACHU! Studio, Ecuador.

Creative / Art Direction: Daniela Hurtado
Client: Montero

Photography: Dayoco Studio
Make up: Sofia Alcocer
3d artist: Lilu & Woke visual stuff


Huracan is a traditional hair dryer developed by Montero an ecuadorian beauty enterprise. This hair dryer has been more than 20 years in the ecuadorian market. Its really good performance helps it to becoming the prefer of all profesional and regular costumers, despite the years. In honor of this traditional design, we refresh its packaging with a colorfull, young and fresh proposal. The main object was highlighting its vintage design, but making it feel more updated, playful and stylish.



Huracán Hair Dryer2

Huracán Hair Dryer3

Huracán Hair Dryer4

Huracán Hair Dryer5

Huracán Hair Dryer6


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