Hushh Stewards

Hushh Stewards

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Hushh Stewards is a packaging project for collectible soap and jewelry based around the concept of secrets and rejuvenation. Some people believe keeping a secret is a sin. Instead, they are our stories to possess until we choose to reveal them. There are five mythical goddesses who have their own sacred owls; symbolizing loyalty and mystery. They have hidden their private love lives, fortunes, and tragedies with the fate of a key.

The five packages reveal a name inside, a personalized scent, and short story about each mythical woman; The Golden Child, The Flower Face, The Egyptian Virgin, The Divine Witch and The Other Liberator. Within the packages, a scented soap and a special key is offered. The short stories unveil a very private fate of each goddess.

The interior is lined with mirror paper to resemble a high-end soap canister, creating a mystical illusion that contributes to the tone of the overall project.

Designed by: Rosie Gopaul, Canada.


Hushh Stewards

Hushh Stewards2

Hushh Stewards3

Hushh Stewards4

Hushh Stewards5

Hushh Stewards6

Hushh Stewards7

Hushh Stewards8

Hushh Stewards9

Hushh Stewards10

Hushh Stewards11

Hushh Stewards12

Hushh Stewards13

Hushh Stewards14

Hushh Stewards15

Hushh Stewards16

Hushh Stewards17


Hushh Stewards18

Hushh Stewards19

Hushh Stewards20

Hushh Stewards21


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