Intrigue Chocolate Co.

Intrigue Chocolate Co.

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Intrigue Chocolate Co. makes artisanal chocolate that celebrates flavor discovery through the medium of fresh, handcrafted truffles. They had outgrown their previous identity and needed a brand that would communicate the hand-crafted authenticity and uniqueness of their products while creating a sense of delight and discovery. The new brand also needed to look artisanal and premium but not fussy.

I teamed up with Corianton Hale to develop the new identity, brand materials and packaging for Intrigue Chocolate Co. We reconsidered the shape of the individual truffles which informed all packaging including the custom, air-insulated, 12 piece box. We also consumed a lot of amazing chocolate.

Photography courtesy of Charity Burggraaf. Printed by Girlie Press.

Designed by: Jason Grube, USA.


Intrigue Chocolate Co.

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