Kiviks Musteri

Kiviks Musteri

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The task for this fictive school project was to create a new packaging for the relaunch of Kiviks musteris fruit drinks. The friuit drinks would be organic, and an obvious choice to take with you on the go or put on your dinner table. The target group are 25 to 55 years old. I chose to work with a plastic bottle of 350 cl, because it is easy to take with you, and there are a a lot of great opportunities to recycle the bottle. I have included both a handmade font, and fonts from Adobe Typekit. The assets around the bottlenecks are recycled paper, painted with aquarelle.

Designed by: Josefine Johansson, Sweden.


Kiviks Musteri

Kiviks Musteri2

Kiviks Musteri3

Kiviks Musteri4

Kiviks Musteri5



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