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Klässbols is a Swedish design company and they have a special place in Swedish homes. They make products such as tablecloths and towels all in the material linnen. The tradition of using Klässbols products run deep, and their produkt are often used on special occasions and specially gifts, their product are even used on the Nobel banquette. Klässbols brand is well known for fine Swedish handicrafts and is a highly viewed item in Swedish homes. Klässbols has built a brand that breaths tradition and quality. They only work with high quality materials to create their luxurious product. This had made them a traditional Swedish brand and have given them prestigious assignments for the Swedish embassies but also the Swedish royal family and the Nobel banquette.

Our aim was to take Klässbols from the handicraft company they are view as to day and take them to a modern design company. We have done so by developing the packaging and to give them a more modern and premium feeling, that goes well with their goals. In the assignment the focus has been on construction to make the packaging user friendly and easy to keep in the store.

Designed by: Linnea Djurberg, Sweden.









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