La Sera

La Sera Wine

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“La Sera” means the evening in Italian. Since the night touches us all, and wine is something that should be shared and enjoyed by all, circles are used throughout the design. The main graphic conjures a full moon, and each colours each reflects its meaning. Yellow is Il Falo, “The Campfire” while the pink is Il Sogno “The Dream” and blue is Il Cielo “The Sky.” The organized white dots are actually the label translated into Braille, again recalling the both the idea of togetherness and the circular motif.

Designed by: Sonia Persad, USA.


La Sera

La Sera Wine

La Sera Wine

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2 Responses to La Sera Wine

  1. Sonia Persad says:

    Hi there Package Inspiration! I had no idea you featured my work, thank you so much! Would it be possible to give a link to my Portfolio site at, and that of the Photographer as well, as well as a credit? His name is Scott Tsai, and his site is
    Thanks much!

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