Let's Be Creative

Let’s Be Creative!

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Let’s Be Creative is a project about designing “how to draw” books for children. This project consists three books, a packaging, and sticker flakes. Each book is filled with different characters from different series which is: Floral, Aquatic, and Terrestrial. All the characters were made up and they don’t exist in the real world (except for some of them like cactus, and sunflower). The main purpose of doing this thing is to stimulate children’s mind by looking at unique, yet cute and colorful characters. Besides, this book is also made in order to encourage children to think out of the box, being creative, and imaginative.

The packaging is purposely left plain and clean. It is expected that children can creatively use their sticker flakes, or whatever they have to decorate the box by themselves. They can draw on it, they can also stick whatever they want, modify how they want it to be. In the end, it all goes back to the concept which is about “creative thinking”.

Designed by: Eric Kosasih, Indonesia.


Let's Be Creative

Let's Be Creative2

Let's Be Creative3

Let's Be Creative4

Let's Be Creative5

Let's Be Creative6

Let's Be Creative7

Let's Be Creative8

Let's Be Creative9

Let's Be Creative10


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