Limited Film Packaging

Limited Film Packaging by Sagmeister & Walsh

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Sagmeister & Walsh created limited edition packaging for their most recent typographic films currently shown as part of the traveling exhibition “The Happy Show”  Each box contains an earthenware USB drive (specific to each film), a blu-ray disc and a certificate of authenticity. Some of you may recognize the handwriting on all boxes, individually written on by Stefan Sagmeister.


Studio: Sagmeister & Walsh

Creative Director : Stefan Sagmeister

Art Director and Designer : Santiago Carrasquilla

Designers: Christian Widlic, Esther Li, Thorbjørn Gudnason

Ceramic Production: Janine Sopp

Box Production: South Side Design and Building


Limited Film Packaging

Limited Film Packaging2

Limited Film Packaging4

Limited Film Packaging5

Limited Film Packaging6

Limited Film Packaging7

Limited Film Packaging8

Limited Film Packaging9

Limited Film Packaging10

Limited Film Packaging11



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