Lite Bulbs

Lite Bulbs

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This project was created in a Package Design class where we had to design packaging for any product. I chose to create packaging for lightbulbs. The second life of the container is that the customer could send in 3 lightbulbs back to the company and new one free in the mail. This allows the company to properly dispose of the light bulb. Inside of the package there is paper folded in a unique pattern which protects the light bulb inside.

*2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist

Designed by: Camille Pomponi, Canada.


Lite Bulbs

Lite Bulbs2

Lite Bulbs3

Lite Bulbs4

Lite Bulbs5

Lite Bulbs6

Lite Bulbs7

Lite Bulbs8

Lite Bulbs9




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