Loch Lomond Brewery : Classic Range

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Designed by: my creative, United Kingdom.

Loch Lomond Bewery Conceived on the “Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond in mid 2011, LLB are described as a craft brewery only producing ales in small batches using local ingredients.

Being the only brewery located on the Banks of Loch Lomond, the brand owners, a husband and wife team wanted to display the beauty of the Loch area and local history, while ultimately enticing people to taste with a strong shelf presence.

Each ale is paired with unique illustration that best captures the character and flavor of that drink. The artwork and typography bring together a modern twist on an art deco style, that heralds from the golden age of Scottish tourism. Added to this the packaging has been literally branded with their authenticity mark, we use a double hit of spot varnish over the suite of bottles. The iconic mark was developed from the “fleur de lys”, the adopted emblem of Luss and the home town of the brewery. This mark will appear on all products as a proud mark of authenticity.















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