Loup & Filles

Loup & Filles

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Designed by: Josh Nathanson, Spain.
Illustration: Frances Ives
Photography: Leo García Méndez

Loup & Filles

An abundance of love, care and attention is poured into each and every bottle of Loup & Filles cold-pressed juices. This called for a completely hand-drawn and hand-made identity; a natural solution that’s happy, healthy & comes straight from the heart.

After developing the brand strategy and design, Loup & Filles launched in Barcelona in 2017 with 3 flavours named after the daughters of the two co-founders (Maia, Luna & Alma). Each primary ingredient is illustrated in watercolour, with more to follow as new flavours are created.


Loup & Filles1

Loup & Filles2

Loup & Filles4

Loup & Filles5

Loup & Filles6

Loup & Filles7




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