Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee

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These are the first RTD (ready-to-drink) products launched in Asia by Marley C&V International. The initial range includes Jamaican Blue Mountain premium blend Americano, Latte, and a special edition single origin Americano. The design is contained and essential in its element distribution, but the font and bean motif suggests a hint of exuberance. Most of the consumers in the RTD coffee market in Asia are young female, and the design is gently geared towards this demographic. Marley Coffee is a brand established by Rohan Marley which provides Jamaican coffee with a social conscience, responsibly farmed and respectful with its community. Marley C&V Int. brings this high quality product and social ethos to Asia. We have been collaborating with Marley C&V Int. from their inception, and our work ranges from the branding and packaging which was translated to the Asian market, to the coffee shop franchise concept design.

Designed by: Yang Ripol, United Kingdom.


Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee2

Marley Coffee3

Marley Coffee4

Marley Coffee5

Marley Coffee6



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