Master Class

Master Class

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Master Class
Redesign of a brand of artistic colours

«Master Class» is a brand of artistic colours for professionals, worthy successors of the domestic art tradition. A new calligraphic logo-ligature was developed to distinguish this artline. To make the brand easily recognizable a main focus was made on this symbol, printed on the packagings. So they became brighter, clearer and more textured. Tube design has been also totally reisued to meet the preferences of the most discerning artists.

Photo Anton Bogoslavsky

Designed by: Alexey Seoev, Russia.


Master Class

Master Class2

Master Class3

Master Class4

Master Class5

Master Class6

Master Class7

Master Class8

Master Class9

Master Class10

Master Class11

Master Class12

Master Class13

Master Class14

Master Class15

Master Class16





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