Mayorga Coffee

Mayorga Coffee

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Mayorga Organics is a Certified Hispanic and Woman-Owned business focusing on delicious coffee from Central and South America. Going above and beyond “Fair Trade”, Mayorga partners with farmers in nine different countries to help eliminate systemic poverty in rural Latin America through responsible trade.

The concept for their coffee packaging focuses on telling the Mayorga story through highlighting these nine countries. The package shows illustrated silohuettes of each country, and provides an area to circle which country the particular brew inside came from. The band is the same for each package for ease of printing, and minimal waste.

Each bag is sealed with a colored band distinct to the brew that shows country of origin, brew name, and the darkness of the roast. As the band wraps over the top of the package it shows photos of cultural aspects of the country of origin to highlight the unique identity of each place and the importance of Mayorga’s partnership therein.

Advising Instructor : Jennifer Cole Phillips

Though this project is conceptual, Mayorga Organics is not! To find out more about their purpose and products visit their
website here:

Designed by: Rachel Avallone, USA.


Mayorga Coffee

Mayorga Coffee2

Mayorga Coffee3

Mayorga Coffee4

Mayorga Coffee5

Mayorga Coffee6

Mayorga Coffee7

Mayorga Coffee8




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